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States and Voltage Standards Manual Adaptor
Before leaving luggage in the preparation of students, the need not exhaustive, not buy or bring some foreign high prices of necessities, is the most sensible.
IC packaging industry, the rapid development of power
In recent years, domestic integrated circuit (IC) market, increasing demand, the rapid development of industrial scale, IC industry has become the key to national economic development.
Holiday promote economic heating outlet industry welcome "golden period
Nine silver ten autumn gold, it is a period of war heavyweights. Even though we have not really entered the "Eleventh" holiday, but the holidays bring substantial economic growth of consumption.
Philips Secure Sockets series one core charge assessment
Power outlet plate is a very common power connection, because the commonplace, the potential security risks are often easily overlooked.
MIG new outlet concept of the number of anti-Chung safety first
Popular attention on the market the first brand of professional anti Bay Lightning socket - MIG, its professional lightning protection Chung technology, excellent quality and beautiful appearance of products.
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