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MIG new outlet concept of the number of anti-Chung safety first

Popular attention on the market the first brand of professional anti Bay Lightning socket - MIG, its professional lightning protection Chung technology, excellent quality and beautiful appearance of products, from nature to the topical set a new socket outlet concept.
MIG is one of the world's largest professional manufacturer of lightning protection against Chung, Chung, the professional anti-mine technology is second to none in the industry, the production of all products not only includes the high-tech lightning protection module, its components are particularly matching, matching some of the device not only to high-tech patents trade secrets, and even military secrets. MIG all mine produced anti-Chung products through international certification, currently occupied by 80 foreign professional market, in foreign countries enjoy a high reputation. In China, MIG company's product is used to protect the millions, tens of millions of devices from lightning or surge, at present, China Unicom and wireless base station equipment is using a MIG's Bay Lightning defense technology. In 2008, MIG's lightning protection products is the product of choice was elected to the National Development and Reform Commission.
Before, we had to introduce professional mine MIG company's achievements, but today, we will discuss the company's products in the anti-MIG Bay issue is how the plant shows its strong R & D background.
Modern electrical environment worsening, according to statistics, the most common and most destructive is the instantaneous circuit current, voltage fluctuation, the expert called "surge." Many consumers do not know that the "surge" is the biggest culprit electrical fault! The day before a district of Guangzhou residents immersive experience sudden "surge" of harm. On the day, Mr. He heard the fax machine is working "pop" is heard, then fax screen / display, what are not, their work stopped running the computer, data lost. Some residents later found nearby, home computers, television sets, refrigerators, and street lights, etc. have all been damaged. According to the Security Division is responsible for power supply bureau said that the accident was caused by current surges wire touched a result of foreign body. This current surge is the "surge" surge for many microprocessors, high precision, the value of the most damaging expensive electrical appliances.
With the functions of modern electrical equipment is now on the rise, on the one hand more and more sophisticated internal core components, the other is the resulting decline in anti-surge capacity, precision electrical interference and more vulnerable to surge damage. Whether there is a small surge current at any time, or the impact of high energy surge, may lead to the breakdown of precision circuits, components to be burned. For home users, high-quality TV and audio-visual equipment, computers, washing machines, refrigerators, and so has the need to increase surge protection! Face harsh electrical environment, starting from the power outlet is a multiplier, because one has professional outlet surge protection, electrical connections can solve all security problems, easy and convenient cut off the "surge killer."
MIG company has been developing the technology as the company's core and set up a professional R & D team, nearly Sixty million invested in R & D funds and other related aspects of professional products for the new anti-mine technology has laid a solid Chung basis. MIG's engineers told us: With the people's daily work, surge everywhere. Many factors led to a surge occurs, including lightning induction: is the peak current along the voltage regulator circuit penetrated indoors, the most destructive, also known as "the lightning"; is also possible that the same high-power electrical circuit open or closed action, such as elevators, electric drills, etc.; or because of electrostatic discharge, magnetic interference, as well as power transmission and change, and so forth.
MIG professional anti Chung break through the traditional outlet outlet surge protection technology, which developed a special "smart chip" surge protection technology, the moment in a microsecond to resist the impact of 10,500 amps peak current (surge) of shocks, mine the scope of anti-Chung also extended to the entire room, to achieve the highest indoor levels of anti-Bay Lightning, both to protect the appliances from harm, but also indirectly protect the personal safety.
The quality of the product, we can better see the strength of MIG's strong: All products are imported within the shell fire of high strength materials, to achieve the most senior (V0 grade, self-extinguishing within 10 seconds, no dripping, no Mars generate) the fire safety standard materials, including the cost of housing on the outlet had been nearly ten times higher than normal; in the socket and plug, we can see the product is used in pure 24K gold, gold can provide excellent electrical properties, effective against corrosion, ensuring long-term conductivity of the same, to provide a stable power supply; the power cord, MIG lightning protection socket outlet should be thick than the average product, which uses a three-core 1.5mm2 copper wire manufacturing imports, regardless of the conductivity or lightning protection system, are the highest quality of matching material. In size, MIG mine socket is no big difference with the ordinary products, but on the weight, MIG products are generally about twice the product, we can see the quality is absolutely to be better than other products.
Although the outlet is a member of a very small electrical appliances, but the electrical equipment connected to the above are often very valuable, and when the surge hit, the poor not only can not protect the electrical outlet device, and may even be burned out and lead by strong currents fire, resulting in greater loss of life and property! The MIG Bay Lightning against the "smart chip" in there, breaking the socket of the traditional values, the interpretation of the new security concept, so plug in the new era new value play.