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Philips Secure Sockets series one core charge assessment

Power outlet plate is a very common power connection, because the commonplace, the potential security risks are often easily overlooked. According to the relevant departments detected a failure mainly grounding plugs and sockets, heat, fire performance standards do not meet national mandatory requirements and other issues, the use of the process there is leakage, short circuit, causing electrical fires and other security risks.
    That energy, some people may think that has little to do with the socket. But perhaps you have not noticed, we live in after turning off appliances at the state still continue to work, produce their own electrical power standby power consumption is equivalent to 10% to 20% of standby power wasted every year because of the electrical energy to 21 billion kwh, equivalent to the entire Three Gorges project generating capacity a year. Of course, this is people's habit of wasteful use of electrical appliances, has nothing to do with the socket itself, but some bad socket board caused by leakage current consumption is quite amazing.
    The face of safety, energy issues, to make what should the outlet manufacturers of thinking? As the largest power converter and manufacturer of R & D, Philips has been adhering to the "rest assured enjoyment of life, peace of mind" brand philosophy, through innovation to improve people's quality of life, the power outlet products are the industry benchmark has been . Here, Xiao Bian outlet from the consumer point of purchase, one of the core charge of the Philips outlet to do a series of evaluation, for your reference.
Internal Material Testing
    Socket inside the main materials are copper, the copper surface quality product done using anti-oxidation treatment, a metallic luster but not very bright, very bright color of copper shoddy, it is because they are coated with a layer of metal, the appearance of good-looking, but before long will be "true colors."
    Normal plug socket board sets used in nickel-plated phosphor bronze is, the advantage of oxidation, wear, but the resistance of high conductivity performance. Carefully monitored by Xiao Bian, Philips SPS1630A/93 the insert set with phosphor bronze material, not nickel plated, high conductivity, low resistivity, thus reducing resistance, low current consumption, save energy. Meanwhile, the low temperature of this material, cavity temperature can be controlled at 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature than the cavity up to 40 degrees Celsius in the ordinary socket board more secure. Normal plug socket sets are generally exposed, and Philips flapper outlet plate hidden in the inner core is not exposed, increasing the use of security.
    The design of the insert set, Philips also has a leading-edge technology, that is, "one of the core." Insert set with the traditional structure of the module that "one core" technology was developed by stamping copper strips, the overall connection is made to avoid the plug sealing off between the sets may be loose or the connection point. Pole plug with no welding between the sets, make the product more stable performance, conducting smooth, good heat dissipation, temperature rise of more excellent performance, current consumption is smaller, more energy efficient. This is the Philips one of the core charge of the first series of flapper magic weapon safety and fuel economy - "one core" technology.
    Next we will look at the power switch. First of all, since it is used most often switch course, for all the products in terms of durability tests are absolutely resistant, first to a few, and try to feel is not looked very stiff. Do not press down when the switch is very laborious, and, elastic good, feel good. Xiao Bian by several consecutive under, which is very comfortable. Another feature is the product of independent work lights, plugs inserted correctly, the indicator lights work independently; plugs error access, independent indicator does not light, play a protective role.
    Testing the plug, plug Xiaobian plug repeated several times back and forth, the plug and socket board contact is still good, without any loosening. In the power line, Philips SPS1630A/93 used 0.75 mm2 diameter, fire and weather resistant materials, performance meets required standards in accordance with national standards.
    Appearance of the destructive tests
    High-quality plastic socket board housing generally have a certain toughness, durability, but the inferior often use the plastic brittle, a little harder to break, the torsional resistance fall of the poor. This Philips one of the core EU series socket board SPS1630A/93, fire-resistant PC alloy front panel, after the module PC material, the plastic part is integrated cast, the internal relatively solid material. This is the Philips one of the core EU energy security of the second series of flapper magic weapon - "one button enclosure." In order to verify the torsional degree of resistance to fall, Xiao Bian, and its other similar products available in the market and drop torsion tests were compared and found one of the core charge Philips series with other competitive products are difficult to achieve the torsional resistance to fall performance.
    Fire safety is an important outlet, the end, Xiao Bian more extreme way to use the Philips SPS1630A/93 conducted on a small test. First on the flapper to burn with a lighter, a minute or so there is no obvious abnormalities. Subsequently, the lighters to transfer large fire burning, burning of minor deformation occurred at the beginning, there is no open flame and smoke appear. Finally, burning tester is enabled, the hot probe heated to 750 of the ultra-high temperature, our position on the power strip's plug ignition cover was again, still no fire, no smoke appears.
Programme Summary:
    Optional socket board, not only to consider the price, performance, brand choice is also of crucial importance. After a series of tests, the Philips one of the core of the Emergency series socket board performance are beyond our imagination. In the brand, as the world's largest manufacturers outlet plate and one of R & D, Philips product sales throughout Europe, North America and Asia and other countries and regions in China, Philips has become a trusted brand. Xiao Bian remind customers in this, for safety and energy conservation considerations, do not use inferior outlet plate.