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Holiday promote economic heating outlet industry welcome "golden period

Nine silver ten autumn gold, it is a period of war heavyweights. Even though we have not really entered the "Eleventh" holiday, but the holidays bring substantial economic growth of consumption, leading to various electrical appliances, household, commercial manufacturers have extra fine stores and is making determined efforts, combat readiness. Especially in the marriage boom, decoration and promotional tools tide of escalating multiple roles, the home, home appliance market ushered in the autumn after the first wave of orgasm. Industry experts expect compared with previous years, this year the total spending of domestic home appliance market will grow 20% year on year, of which a large part of the contribution will come from "double" promotion.
    At the same time, as the largest home appliance system important but most overlooked aspect - outlet industry, also welcomed the sale of his "golden period", this is because as the continuous improvement of quality of life, consumer spending concept is undergoing tremendous changes, from the past can be used on the line, up to the pursuit of brand, quality, personalized, fashion, more secure, high performance products up.
     new house decoration, the quality of Take That
    The capital of a home improvement company official told reporters: Today's home improvement industry is increasingly difficult, the first two years is also high in boarding-style one-stop voice services, is now the deadwood. Increased costs, lower profits are still followed, the owners are great to wall, floor, small switches, sockets, the choice of the individual requirements of increasingly demanding home improvement company is the most headaches.
    The person in charge recently encountered a file to an embarrassing thing. National Day plans to marry a pair of young lovers to come to require their own room for a full set of wedding decoration, home improvement company, devoting himself to provide a set of best solutions and specific to every detail of the design drawings, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation agreement eventually broke up because of one small detail.
    It turned out that the selection of the socket, the hostess is required in the capital market has a good reputation for "breaking the bodyguard socket products," and decoration company because of cost considerations, recommended an unknown product. After a few brief argument, the mistress dropped a full personality: "I want a real quality product!", This left.
    The hide is responsible for road, when faced with this thing, its always very hurt and very helpless!
    According to report, this one among the new wave of marriage, the overwhelming majority after 80 generations, they have from other people about self-awareness, the demand for and attention to quality of life has far more than the 60, 70, after , its behavior is pretty understandable. But from another perspective, "pay attention to brand, quality concerns," also reflected this generation of people to the concept of consumption is a scientific, standardized change.
     appliance security, safety first
    Home improvement industry compared to "treatment" socket in the appliance store on the living condition of the more "interesting."
    Reporter visited the capital in the major 3C stores found that many stores selling the previous low-end outlet quietly shelves, or its "sideline" display that will not cause consumers to pay attention in the corner, and some relatively high prices of functional high-end socket products, the sales rate of the most imposing occupy a prime location. Mentioned above, a "breakthrough bodyguards socket products" is one of the more outstanding representatives of the brand!
    In this regard, an industry explained: gold silver nine ten, always is the major home appliance manufacturers and appliance stores compete for the most intense period. In case of a minor electrical problem through consumer complaints and media amplification, and ultimately may affect manufacturers, store brand market performance and even damage. But in fact, a lot of electrical occur so-called "quality", not household electrical appliances itself, but because of consumer behavior at home, use non-standard power, or power socket to provide connectivity and other intermediate products of poor quality and raised. Therefore, electrical stores natural to the best quality, safety products, the most secure place to plug into the eye-catching row of faces, and even recommend the most suitable model and various types of electrical outlets placed together in the same time consumers to buy household appliances, facilitate the matching purchase.
    So, the behavior of consumers store will buy it like it?
    Survey, over 90% of consumers recognize and accept this form of service, while the price is not the first to consider the issue. As long as the appliance to provide maximum protection to give, will not hesitate to buy, because as little as a thousand dollars and electrical, as much as several million price compared to one or two hundred outlets, it is expensive. Moreover, electrical socket is also durable products, with a 3 years 5 years is not a problem, down conversion price is too cheap.
    Reporter interviewed a pair of bodyguards with their children are buying a breakthrough reasons to buy a couple sockets. Breakthrough in the child's grandfather was the original outlet more than 10 years old users, home break all the outlets are licensed. Now they have children, this time looking for was a breakthrough in the door with a secure socket dual-action protection, avoid electric shock children mistakenly plug jack. Although the price of 198 yuan / only, but to buy is the security and confidence.
    It seems, really is to be the old saying goes: not afraid of expensive, afraid not worth it!
     national standard of the industry reshuffle
    Value? Or worth? Only with real data was most convincing.
    According to the relevant agency survey, about 70% of the domestic market are low-level outlet inferior products. Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other regions north quality supervision department to conduct random checks on the local outlet, over 50% failure rate. More than 80% of the users socket products related lack of understanding of security knowledge and common sense. Cause of electrical fires each year accounted for 30% of the total number of fires, fire losses total 40% of fire losses, and these numbers are still increasing year by year ... ...
    A bundle of numbers, shocking. For this reason, the state and the government will use the executive order outlet in the country to enforce the new standards converter (referred to as "GB", June 1, 2010 will go into effect.)
    Industry experts indicate that with the implementation of the new national standard in the outlet industry will lead to a strong "earthquake." Not only to the outlet industry, the production of cheap low-quality outlet for small and medium enterprises has brought pressure to survive, more in the future of the outlet industry, standardization, industrial upgrading and industry foreshadowed reshuffle. Of course, hand in hand with, as well as more intense competition.
    A telephone interview with the responsible person informed of electrical breakthrough, a breakthrough has taken the lead industry has begun the implementation of socket, "a new national standard," supporting the development, production and services have been launched. The implementation of the new national standard will soon break through the new products will be available.
     high-end outlet or unique?
    How in the fierce market competition in an invincible position? Journalists to "break through socket bodyguards," the producer - Beijing Electric Co., Ltd. as an example of a breakthrough, and perhaps give us some useful inspiration.
    Is the electrical safety of electrical breakthrough Standardization Technical Committee, the National Standardization Technical Committee electrical accessories, the National Lightning Protection Standardization Technical Committee, the National Standardization Technical Committee arrester China Communications Standards Association and a member of the State socket / plug / converter, communication power connections, etc. 9 national standard-setting units. Is the first brand of functional outlet product manufacturer, its bodyguards series socket is in a sense become the outlet industry benchmark for similar products. China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the sole supplier of the specified socket. Breakthrough Electric 08 years 5 months to approve the adoption and electrical safety standards. And 315 quality checks every year is always the same outstanding quality of the product for 6 through 8 spot checks on 100% qualified.
    15 years of ups and downs, electrical break through the concrete practice of "science and technology to create safe" brand philosophy, the production system of "continuous improvement, strive for perfection," the quality, so break out the electrical real "price war quagmire "bound ... ... series of indisputable facts, but also to the industry under the current domestic socket a good comment, that is: a small outlet has its own core competencies, not only to survive the low prices!
    Some people from breaking through the development process are summarized in electrical draw: the future of market outlets, high-end products will be unique! Press this not arrogantly, but I think within the industry as the outlet industry, the introduction of standardized system, the improvement of external environment, consumer electrical safety awareness, management and supervision mechanism of the national norm, but for a small outlet to provide high-end unlimited possibilities.