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IC packaging industry, the rapid development of power

In recent years, domestic integrated circuit (IC) market, increasing demand, the rapid development of industrial scale, IC industry has become the key to national economic development. Strong market demand for IC packaging and testing of IC packaging and testing to domestic enterprises a good opportunity for development, China's packaging and testing industry is gradually moving towards a virtuous circle. However, the domestic IC packaging and testing companies, especially local businesses in the technology and production scale, compared with a world-class companies is still a big gap, most projects are labor-intensive? Type of medium suitable packaging technology, still in the market for technology " primary stage. " And the face of strong market demand for IC packaging industry to develop advanced proprietary packaging technology, the formation of independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of the industrial chain to realize the sustainable development of local enterprises, has become China's IC packaging industry be solved with a global and strategic significance. Supported by the state's high-density integrated circuit packaging technology is the National Engineering Laboratory response to this demand.
Main application packaging technology
    Package is required for the chip, is also essential. Because the chip must be isolated with the outside world to prevent the impurities in the air circuit of the chip electrical performance degradation caused by corrosion. On the other hand, packaged chips are also more easy to install and transport. The quality of the packaging technology to the chip itself is also directly affect the performance of the play and the adjoining PCB (printed circuit board) design and manufacturing, so it is essential. Package can also be said that the semiconductor integrated circuit chips used to install the shell, which not only plays placed, fixed, sealed, protecting the chip and enhanced the role of thermal conductivity, but also to communicate with the outside world circuit chip - Bridge chip contacts with a wire connected to the package shell pins, these pins and wires through the printed circuit board to establish a connection with other devices. Thus, for many IC products, the packaging technology are very crucial aspect.
    CPU package currently used mostly for insulation wrap plastic or ceramic materials, can play an electric performance of the chip seal and improve the role. As the frequency of processor chips are now increasing, more powerful, more and more pins, the package shape is also changing.
    CPU packaging technology
    The so-called "packaging technology" is an integrated circuit insulating plastic or ceramic materials, packaging technology. The CPU, for example, we actually see the size and appearance of the CPU cores are not really the size and appearance, but the CPU core and other components have been packaged products.
    DIP Package
    DIP package (DualIn-linePackage), also called dual in-line package technology, refers to the form of dual in-line package integrated circuit chip, the vast majority are small and medium scale integrated circuits using this package, the pins normally not more than 100. DIP package CPU chip has two rows of pins to be inserted into the structure of a DIP chip socket. Of course, the same can be directly inserted in the hole number and geometric arrangement of solder circuit board welding. DIP packaged chips from the chip outlet plug should be particularly careful not to damage the pins. DIP package structure are: multi-layer ceramic DIP DIP, dual in-line single-layer ceramic DIP, lead frame DIP (including glass-ceramic sealing type plastic encapsulation structure, low-melting glass encapsulated ceramic) and so on.
    DIP package with the following characteristics:
    1. For the PCB (printed circuit board) on the perforated welded, easy to operate.
    2. Chip area and packaging area of the ratio between the larger, so the volume is also larger.
    CPU first 4004,8008,8086,8088 etc. have adopted DIP package, through its two rows of pins on the plug into the socket on the motherboard or welding on the motherboard.
    QFP package
    Chinese meaning of this technology is called a square flat packaging technology (PlasticQuadFlatPockage), the technology of the small distance between the CPU chip, pin, pin, very small, generally large-scale or large scale integrated circuits using this package, The pins are generally above 100.
    The technology package CPU, easy operation, high reliability; and its small package dimensions, parasitic reduction, suitable for high frequency applications; The technology is suitable for SMT PCB surface mount technology to install wiring.
    QFP package
    Chinese meaning of this technology is called a square flat packaging technology (PlasticQuadFlatPockage), the technology of the small distance between the CPU chip, pin, pin, very small, generally large-scale or large scale integrated circuits using this package, The pins are generally above 100. The technology package CPU, easy operation, high reliability; and its small package dimensions, parasitic reduction, suitable for high frequency applications; The technology is suitable for SMT PCB surface mount technology to install wiring.
    PFP package
    The technology is called in English the whole PlasticFlatPackage, Chinese meaning for the flat component of plastic packaging. Chips using this technology package also must SMD chip and board technology welded. By SMD chip installed on the motherboard do not have to punch, usually on the motherboard designed on the surface of the corresponding pin pad. Align the chip corresponding pads of the feet, the welding can be realized with the motherboard. Welding up in this way the chip, special tools it is difficult if not dismantled. QFP above the technology and techniques are similar, only the appearance of the package shape is different.
    PGA Package
    The technology, also known as pin grid array packaging technology (CeramicPinGridArrauPackage), this technology package from the chip, there are multiple parties inside and outside the formation of the pin, pin each side along the chip formation around a certain distance away order, according to the number of how many pins can be surrounded by 2 to 5 laps. When installing the chip into a special PGA socket. To make it easier CPU installation and dismantling, starting from the 486 chip, there is a ZIFCPU socket, designed to meet the PGA package CPU in the installation and removal of the requirement. The technology generally used for more frequent occasions unplugged and under.
    BGA Package
    BGA technology (BallGridArrayPackage) or ball grid array packaging technology. The emergence of this technology will become the CPU, motherboard and South Bridges chip high density, high performance, multi-pin package the best choice. But the BGA package substrate, the area occupied by relatively large. Although the technology I / O pin count increased, but much larger than the distance between pin QFP, thus improving assembly yield. And that the technology uses a controlled collapse chip welding method, which can improve its heating performance. In addition the technology can be coplanar welding assembly, which can greatly increase the reliability of package; and technology package by the CPU signal transmission delay is small, the frequency can be improved to adapt to high.
    BGA package has the following characteristics:
    1.I / O pin count, though increasing, but much larger than the distance between pin QFP packages, improved yield
    2. Although the BGA power increased, but the use of controlled collapse chip method is welding, which can improve the electric performance
    3. Signal transmission delay is small, meet the greatly increased frequency
    4. Coplanar assembly can be welded, and reliability are increased
    Currently the more common forms of packaging:
    OPGA package
    OPGA (OrganicpingridArray, organic pin array).
    This package base using glass fiber, similar to the printed circuit board material. Such packages can reduce the impedance and packaging costs. OPGA package closer to the external capacitor and the distance between the processor cores can better improve the core power supply and filter current clutter. AMD's AthlonXP series CPU most of the use of such packages.
    mPGA package
    mPGA, micro PGA package, only AMD's Athlon64 and Intel Xeon (Xeon) series CPU and a few other products used, and most are more high-end products, is a kind of advanced packages.
    CPGA package
    CPGA is often said that the ceramic package, called CeramicPGA. Mainly in the Thunderbird (Thunderbird) core and the "Palomino" core Athlon processors used.
    FC-PGA package
    FC-PGA package is a flip chip pin grid array of short, this package has pins into the socket. The chip is inverted, as well as film mode or form part of the computer processor chip is exposed to the top of the processor. Exposed by the film mode, so the heat can be used directly on-chip solutions for mold, so that we can achieve more efficient chip cooling. In order to cut off the power signal and ground through the signal to improve the performance package, FC-PGA processor in the processor at the bottom of the capacitor placement area (central processor) On a discrete capacitors and resistors. Bottom of the chip pins are arranged in zigzag. In addition, the pins are arranged in a way that can only be inserted one way into the processor socket. FC-PGA package for the Pentium III and Intel Celeron processors, which use 370 pins.
    FC-PGA2 package
    FC-PGA2 FC-PGA package and the package type is similar, except these processors also have an integrated heat sink (IHS). Integrated heat sink is installed directly in the production to the processor chip. The IHS and the film has good thermal contact with mold and provide a greater surface area for better heat divergence, it significantly increases the thermal conductivity. FC-PGA2 package for the Pentium III and Intel Celeron processor (370 pins) and the Pentium 4 processor (478 pins).
    OOI Package
    OOI is short for OLGA. OLGA represent grid array substrate. OLGA chips also use flip chip design, in which the processor down attached to the substrate to achieve better signal integrity, more efficient cooling and lower self-induction. OOI an Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS), to help sink the heat to the radiator fan is properly installed. OOI for the Pentium 4 processor, the processor has 423 pins.
    PPGA Package
    "PPGA" all in English as "PlasticPinGridArray", is short for Plastic Pin Grid Array, and these processors have pins inserted into a socket. To improve thermal conductivity, PPGA the top of the processor uses a nickel plated copper heat sink. Bottom of the chip pins are arranged in zigzag. In addition, the pins are arranged in a way that can only be inserted one way into the processor socket.
    S.E.C.C. package
    "SECC" is "SingleEdgeContactCartridge" acronym is short for Single Edge Contact Cartridge. To connect with the motherboard, the processor is inserted into a slot. It does not use pins, but the use of "Goldfinger" contact, the processor uses these contacts to pass signals. SECC is covered with a metal shell, the shell covering the top of the cartridge components.
    The back of the cartridge is a thermal material layer, acts as a heat sink. Internal SECC, most processors have a known substrate of printed circuit board connects the processors, secondary cache and bus termination circuits. 242 SECC package for the Intel Pentium II processor, contacts and contacts of the Pentium II 330 Xeon and Pentium III Xeon processors.
    S.E.C.C.2 package
    SECC2 SECC package with similar packaging, in addition to SECC2 use less packaging and does not contain the protective thermal coating. SECC2 package for some later versions of the Pentium II and Pentium III processor (242 contacts).
    S.E.P. package
    "SEP" is "SingleEdgeProcessor" the acronym is short for the processor side. "SEP" package similar to the "SECC" or "SECC2" package, is inserted into the Slot by slot in the side to finger and socket contacts, but it does not cover the whole package, the bottom floor is visible from the processor circuit The. "SEP" package used in the early 242 cheat IntelCeleron processor.
    PLGA package
    PLGA is PlasticLandGridArray acronym, that plastic pad grid array package. In the absence of use of pins, but the use of a small point interfaces, so PLGA significantly higher than the previous package FC-PGA2 package such as a smaller size, less signal transmission loss and lower production costs, can improve processing the signal strength, increasing processor frequency, but can also improve the processor production yields, lower production costs. Currently the company Socket775 Intel CPU interface using this package.
    CuPGA package
    CuPGA is LiddedCeramicPackageGridArray acronym, that is a covered ceramic grid array package. Ordinary ceramic package with the biggest difference is the addition of a roof, to provide better cooling performance and to protect the CPU core from damage. AMD64 CPU family is currently using this package.
    Type of chip package
    1. BGA ball grid array package
    2. CSP Chip Scale Package Type
    3. COB-board chip placement
    4. COC mount ceramic chip substrate
    5. MCM mount multi-chip model
    6. LCC leadless chip carrier
    7. CFP ceramic flat package
    8. Plastic PQFP package edges lead
    9. J-Line Packaging Plastic SOJ
    10. SOP Small Outline Package Case
    11. TQFP package flat square piece book
    12. TSOP chip micro-Book Package
    13. CBGA Ceramic Ball Grid Array Package
    14. CPGA Ceramic Pin Grid Array Package
    15. CQFP lead ceramic flat sides
    16. CERDIP Dual ceramic Frit
    17. PBGA plastic ball grid array package
    18. Small Outline Plastic SSOP narrow spacing
    19. WLCSP Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging
    20. FCOB flip-chip board