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States and Voltage Standards Manual Adaptor

Before leaving luggage in the preparation of students, the need not exhaustive, not buy or bring some foreign high prices of necessities, is the most sensible. For example, the umbrella is not as foreign styles in China so much, so the whole function. Prior to departure, so it is best to buy one in good quality anti-UV umbrella to bring, that is lightweight and practical. The must-small electronic products, such as cameras, CD, etc, these things cheaper in China.
The first time many students will encounter the same problems abroad: that with the electronics, but can not charge to place! This is because many countries, the shape of the plug and voltage standards and China is not the same. Such as Canada are basically all the plug pin plugs, and China are the three legs of many electrical appliances. If you want to use portable electrical appliances, put on "Transformers" and "conversion plug" is very necessary!
Here are some national standards for information Adaptor:
present, the world's power plug There are many standards for Chinese standards, American standard, European standard, British Standard, and South Africa standards. Chinese Standard China Standard

plug addition to China, and Australia use, characterized by the three flat head;
; American Standard
U.S. standard plug, the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries to use, features a flat round two;
European standard plugs
European standards in Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and South Korea and other countries use, features two round;
German civilian supply voltage is 220V 10%, 50Hz, like China. The time of purchase can also be said to buy, "German standard" adapter plug.

British Standards British Standards plugs in the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and other countries and use and is characterized by three square head; In addition the UK has 2 pin socket, generally used for electric shavers, V is not suitable for China is relatively small degree of electrical voltage.
More European standard plug, Italian standard, the Swiss standards and so on. South Africa, South Africa's Standard

standard plug is mainly used in South Africa is characterized by three round.
When we go abroad with the domestic standards of electrical plugs are generally, and therefore can not be used in most countries abroad, if you buy the same appliances in foreign countries or adapter plug prices are pretty expensive, In order not to affect the travel agencies suggest that you travel abroad generally prepare their own for several travel adapter plug.
Students for these products usually are not very aware that the following to make some brief, easy reference when you buy:
Adaptor and other commodities in the hardware store, large shopping malls electronics stores, Computer City, the United States and other places may have to sell. Note the time to buy the conversion to any standard plug, general conversion socket enough to buy two, you can buy two more Socket socket. Another ten meters cable can take root, although the hostel will be equipped with, but when the rent is still possible on the use, world-wide.
Adaptor plug type conversion
currently divided into these categories: British standard, national standard, American standard, European standard, the South African standard, meaning standard.
Adaptor is a placement of different types of plugs on the other end to a power outlet, making the country's electrical outlet can be connected to the international power. Good conversion are standard jack socket, and will not stall as the head of the zero-install those products that do not meet the specifications of the plug length, and will soon appear loose in the bad can not find the warranty, the current market be on good word of mouth to Bo, steady does not set these two brands on the very quality of the conversion plug clearance, can be durable. Moreover, some areas (such as Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Canada) standard voltage is 110 volts, the design of domestic appliances using 220V will not damage, but not reach maximum power.

Traditional wiring board terminal block is rectangular in shape, very long line of drag, is not convenient to carry and use, and the socket type too restrictive , electrical appliances can not be placed abroad. If you are abroad, then bring the best the world can be applied to various types of plug outlet, so you can connect to the power of multinational power without complex conversion. Like Belkin's Global socket adapter, the advantage is small and portable. There is also a versatile GSM conversion wiring board, with the conversion function socket and wiring board, wires can be retracted up, very easy to use.
Electricity, electrical Tips:
1. In the world in general, there are two voltage systems, one 110 volts, such as the voltage on board , so its equipment are in accordance with such a low-voltage design. Another is 220 volts, including China's 220-volt and 230 volt UK. part of a single voltage appliances in China to the UK system to use, voltage then it should not be a problem, because most of the electrical voltage fluctuations have a range of 20%, such as Haier TV are marked with a floating range: AC90-260V50Hz, precision electrical products as color TV sets in 90 to 260 volts can be used according, not to mention others such as electric rice cookers and other equipment, and 230 volts just let them heat more quickly, without any problems
2. There are many electrical adapter voltage, which can be suitable for 110 volts -240 volts, such as chargers, notebook computer, computer (to be adjusted), razors and so on. You can look at your electrical signs.
; 3. voltage is 230-240 volts countries can also be used for all electrical appliances in China, because the domestic voltages up to 250 volts.